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Greetings brethren and friends!

Thank you for your generosity since 2009. With your support, we have provided more than $853,000 – over 42,000 mitts – for deserving boys and girls all over Northern California. We are proud to continue our partnership with the Giants Community Fund and the Junior Giants program.


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California No. 1
Coast Side No. 762
Columbia-Brotherhood No. 370
Crocker No. 212
Francis Drake No. 376
Golden Gate Speranza No. 30
La Parfaite Union No. 17
Logos No. 861
Mission No. 169
Pacific-Starr King No. 136
Peninsula No. 168
Phoenix No. 144
Prometheus No. 851
Pythagoras No. 862
San Francisco No. 120
Sempervirens No. 860
SF Scottish Rite Bodies
Bayview No. 64
Hannibal No. 1
Victoria No. 3


Rich Modolo
Columbia Brotherhood No. 370

John Bermudez
California No. 1