Sacramento Cyclones

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Greetings brethren and friends!

Thank you for your generosity since 2009. With your support, we have provided more than $797,000 – over 39,000 mitts – for deserving boys and girls all over Northern California. We are proud to continue our partnership with the Giants Community Fund and the Junior Giants program.


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American River No. 795
Aquila No. 865
Bicentennial Daylight No. 830
Capital City No. 499
Drytown No. 174
Elk Grove No. 173
Gen. Douglas MacArthur No. 853
Harding San Juan No. 579
Natoma No. 64
Oak Plains No. 789
Penrhyn Gold Hill. No 32
Placerville No. 26
Rio Linda No. 786
Roseville No. 222
Sacramento No. 40
Table Mountain No. 124
Union-Tehama No. 3
Vesper No. 84
Washington No. 20
David D. Mattock No. 87
Harmony No. 61
Highland Heights No. 59
Philomathean No. 2


Mike Perry
Oak Plains No. 789

Creston Whiting-Casey
Washington No. 20

Marlon Clemons
David D. Mattock No. 87