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Greetings brethren and friends!

Since 2015, your support has helped us raise more than $106,000 – over 5,300 mitts – for deserving boys and girls all over San Diego. Thanks for stepping up to the plate!


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Consuelo No. 325
Fallbrook No. 317
Hemet San Jacinto No. 338
Menifee Valley No. 289
Murrieta No. 869
Novus Veteris No. 864
Oceanside-San Dieguito No. 381
Santa Maria No. 580
Temecula Catalina Island No. 524
Vista No. 687
Surfside No. 112


Anthony McLean
Fallbrook No. 317

Fred Burkhardt
Oceanside-San Dieguito No. 381

Ronnie Smith
Surfside No. 112