North County Bees

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Greetings brethren and friends!

Masons4Mitts is now in its third year in Orange County. Since 2018, we have raised more than $50,000 – over 2,500 mitts – for kids in Angels RBI Leagues. We can use your help once again by donating today.


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Anaheim No. 207
Garden Grove No. 351
Gateway No. 339
Orange Grove No. 293
Solomon’s Staircase No. 357
Yorba Linda No. 469
High Desert No. 107
Orange Valley No. 13
Plumeline No. 117
Prince Hall No. 17
Silver Moon No. 105
Smooth Ashlar No. 119


James Segerstrom
Orange Grove No. 293

Ryan Tondares
Orange Grove No. 293

Ron Henderson
Smooth Ashlar No. 119

Maurice Archie
High Desert No. 107